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Experience the luxurious feeling of our Queen Whipped Body Butter. This decadent treat for your skin is scented with a delicate floral bouquet, subtly blended with hints of fruit and woods, creating a unique and captivating aroma.


Crafted with a premium blend of butters and oils, our body butter melts effortlessly into your skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and deeply moisturized for hours. 


Infused with Vitamin E for added nourishment and mica for a hint of color, our body butter not only smells amazing but also provides a touch of elegance. 


Treat yourself to the Queen Whipped Body Butter and transform your skincare routine into a luxurious experience. Pair it with our Whipped Body Scrub for the ultimate pampering experience.

Queen Whipped Body Butter

SKU: Scrub017
  • Shea butter is renowned for its exceptional moisturizing properties. It effectively hydrates the skin and can aid in the healing of cuts, burns, and scars. Shea butter is also known for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and providing relief for conditions such as eczema.

    Mango butter offers nourishment and hydration to your skin. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and heal, promoting a natural radiance.

    Cocoa butter, with its rich and emollient nature, has the ability to fade dark spots, revealing a more even skin tone. It contributes to the luxurious texture of our body butter.

    Avocado oil, a highly moisturizing oil, is infused in this blend to nourish your skin and address various concerns. It treats acne, hydrates deeply, and can help reduce the signs of aging.

    Grapeseed oil, with its anti-inflammatory properties, aids in reducing acne and soothing dry skin. It can also provide relief for conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

    To maintain the shelf life and prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and yeast, a preservative is added to our body butter, ensuring its freshness and integrity.

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